The Dangers of Final Fantasy (2020; PS4)

Around 97′-98′ when CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) just started and I was around 18 years old (obviously a senior in High School.) Just freshly coming out of the Nintendo 64 faze, all of us were, around the same age, we were getting into PlayStation and there updated graphics game-play. With FF7, it was my third or fourth time playing a (RPG) since Nintendo. I previously had Zelda, Breath of Fire, and earlier versions of Final Fantasy. Playing them, the RPG’s, all night long and for (FF7) I spent more than 120 hours on it and at least two weeks collectively ending it. (Don’t know how and I got by selfishly and I had my brother there too.)

SquareEnix, formerly known as Squaresoft, the creators of FF1-15, are the forefront of the best CGI cinematography in the globe and their artists are the most elite that come out of art schools. They are the pioneer for modern Cinematography and what CGI in movies have become. Seriously.

The cut scenes captured all of us just coming fresh out of Genesis and Nintendo 64 game-play. What I did not know were the amounts of teachings that are in Final Fantasy that are dangerous for those who are Christian. There are a eclectic total of: philosophy, wisdom, religions, story-lines, and active game-play that allow one to be drawn to the allure of the occult and other religions. All of it is packed into the best story lines that are written which make Final Fantasy series one of the most popular games in History.

However, you have to be very careful in the adaptation of the different religions especially for children/young adults who may initiate the practice of it in real life. When we got to college Magic, the Card game became popular. Furthermore, when I sold out to Christ in 2004-5 and was gaining deliverance from my years of it plus other things. By then I was finishing Final Fantasy X-2. It was so hard to even stop dreaming of the characters at night. I would have dreams of Cloud Strife (the main Character) all the time. Even more so what I played in: Disney games as well which partnered with Squaresoft/Enix to create Kingdom Hearts 1,2, and 3.

Such as: Demonology, Spells, Summons, Magic, Gems/Crystals, Spiritualism, and more…
For Instance: (FF1 to FF15 alone)
Baphomet/Ifrit – Summons – Satanism
Shiva – Summons – Hinduism
Ramuh/Quezetocal (Mayan/Aztec lightning gods)
Spells/Magic: Wicca or enchantments (White/ Black Magic)
Potions, Weaponry, and Battle Strategies…Likened to earlier games like Dungeons and Dragons and more.

In conclusion, our Church and Biblical Counseling helped to shut doors and to resist/stay away from them completely. Part of Biblical counseling were focusing on (Deu 18:9-14; The gospels and More.) Even the dreams that were coming at night. They contradict our Christian values and serious can hinder our fellowship with God. Moreover, I suggest a ton of other games out there that are great to substitute: like Gran Turismo, NBA Street, Madden, and 2K. That allow you to retain your competitive edge and fun with friends but lose the game-play with stuff that hurts.

Also, you can check: Common Sense Media to find alternative games, board games, apps, and website that can keep the fun for entertainment but wisely guard from dangerous practices.

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