Objective: The ultimate purpose of this website is to support Christian Education, fellowship and “point to” Christ (and His Church.

IMG_0099.JPGMy Christian journey re-began in later parts of 2004. I was 24 years old, a year fresh from college, and eager to gain wisdom to apply in life circumstances. I was invited to church by a close friend and immediately became tuned in to everything that I heard from the pulpit, the fellowship, and the environment. It took 2 months before I dedicated myself in baptism and in heart that I really wanted to be committed to the Lord Jesus Christ. Even further, in my time at home, petitioning to the Lord in prayer, “I want to learn your Word.”

The aftermath was not some mythical power that dropped from the sky. Rather every sermon, commentary, thru the bible teaching, and bible study I could get my hands on I wanted to learn. That’s how much I knew God the Father had heard me. The bi-product, I hope with His word, is to reciprocate his testimonies, illustrations, and teachings to others.

As far as serving, I have been granted the opportunity to serve as:

  • A Christian Art Teacher
  • Help assist a small group (Prophecy: New Testament Edifying, Encouragement, and Comfort)
  • Lead Worship Service
  • Operate cameras for service
  • Create graphics, web media, and print materials
  • …as well as present media for morning worship services.

RILogoRealistic Imaginations (Original logo from 2002 above) was started in 2005 and encompasses a variety of Christian edification resources. I was inspired by the biblical story of Bezalel (Exodus 35:30–35) that if a man can produce artistic artifacts for the Tabernacle of God. Hopefully I could too. The artworks are Free Downloadable Wallpapers (Computer, Tablet, and phone) around 412 total, various articles, and other downloadable media. The scriptural illustrations can be used for recreational and personal use. All toward the hope of scripture memory and application. With no intent of commercial purposes.

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