Here are a list of resources that offer Pastoral counseling to help overcome the pitfalls one has sustained in life and to become stable in his/her Christian walk. They offer principles to discover and un-root deep spiritual problems, abuse, addictions and more.

Redemptive Christian Counseling (Carrollton, TX)
Redemptive Christian Counseling Centers – a biblically faith-based Ministry of soul transformation founded on the Ruffin’s step-by-step integrated counseling process to wholeness. This approach incorporates their disciplines of biblical faith-based counseling, individualized Map-To-Restoration (MTR), multi-level soul deliverance and Kingdom crossover techniques. This timeless process has proven to be divinely strength-based and solution-focused to bring transformational wholeness to the soul (mind, will and emotion) of a person.

Center for Religion and Psychotherapy (Chicago, Il)
The Center for Religion and Psychotherapy is a not-for-profit organization offering psychotherapy and pastoral counseling for adults and adolescents, individuals and couples, since 1965. Fully accredited as a clinical and educational site by the American Association of Pastoral Counselors, the Center also offers education and consultation services. Clinical staff members are licensed by the state of Illinois, and have been trained both in psychodynamic psychotherapy and in the engagement of the spiritual and religious dynamics of human experience.