Thru the Bible

Here are several resources to help learn the God’s Word. They give many resources, timelines, history, and contextual information to make God’s word relevant and practical to any person.

Thru the Bible by J. Vernon McGee
He had already been teaching on the radio for many years, but fifty years ago—1967, to be exact—Dr. McGee began teaching the Bible studies that laid the foundation for what we hear today on Thru the Bible. What an adventure it’s been! If he only knew, I’m sure Dr. McGee would laugh and shake his head in wonder at what God has done.  Thru the Bible by J. Vernon McGee

Thru the Bible by Zac Poonen (Christian Fellowship Church India)
The church of believers that meets at Christian Fellowship Church (CFC) today, commenced with a few families that first met together in Bangalore, India, in August 1975. They decided to be disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ, first themselves, and then to make disciples, in obedience to the Lord’s commission in Matthew 28:18-20.
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